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Lippies, balms and tints|22|

Its amazing how time gets away from you if you are not careful or aware. My last post was on 19 October so it has been one month ago when I last posted!!

It certainly does not feel like that as I have been busy with little projects. I made a list recently and noted that I have at least 14 posts to write based on my activities in the past 6 weeks!! Lets get to it shall we …

During the Melbourne Cup long weekend (my boss decided to close the office on the Monday as well as on Tuesday being Melbourne Cup day). Out of the blue I was inspired to make some tinted lip balms from a youtube video I watched at least a year ago. The following photos are quite self explanatory ….. 🙂

The do feel a little fiery on the lips … not sure why … but I still like them. The more lipstick you use, the more lipstick like it feels …

Love Life, Love Style, PreetStyle


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