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Kuey teaow and Ice ice kacang 😊

Tonight’s dinner …. carbolicious and oily kuey teaow and ice kacang for dessert. I love Malaysia 😃 Love Life, Love Style, Preet Style Advertisements

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Summer vintage dress with a touch of ballet |30|

Summer is around the corner and it is time to work with colourful and fun textiles. I wore this dress to a birthday party today and felt wonderful 🙂 Fabric … Continue reading

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Indian Chic Combo |29|

I was at the Gurdwara most of last weekend which is why I have multiple outfits to showcase. Hot pink duputta (scarf) – from another outfit Metallic black kameez (tunic) … Continue reading

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Indian Chic Combo |28|

At the risk of sounding like a fast food meal, I have decided to name this segment the ‘Indian Chic Combo’ in which I combine separate pieces and / or … Continue reading

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Updated photos of turquoise canvas board decor |26|

Decided to take some updated photos in relation to these canvas boards … Love Life, Love Style, Preet Style

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Reminder of life’s brevity |27|

We attended a funeral and prayers for a close family friend today. He was 93 years of age and a very well respected member of the Victorian Sikh community. After … Continue reading

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Fabric store visit |25|

Nothing like a visit to the fabric store to get my creative juices flowing again. I went to Spotlight (Fountain Gate) yesterday and today I managed to sneak in a … Continue reading

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Sew crazy! |24|

Last weekend was fairly quiet for us in terms of social engagements. We did our usual cleaning and cooking. As for me, from Friday night to Sunday night (with breaks in … Continue reading

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Turquoise canvas galore |23|

If you do not already know this, turquoise is one of my favourite colours in the world. It is something about the blue that makes it really cool. The country … Continue reading

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Lippies, balms and tints|22|

Its amazing how time gets away from you if you are not careful or aware. My last post was on 19 October so it has been one month ago when … Continue reading

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