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A trip to the fabric store |21|

I always love to wander around in fabric stores and gain inspiration and ideas. it is only recently that i have started capturing those ideas on my phone.

I was browsing through my phone and came across these that I took a couple of months ago.

This was at Darn cheap fabrics on Grange Road, Glen Huntly (Victoria).

Having never been properly trained in sewing and wanting to learn to make especially indian / south asian influenced clothing, I felt the best way to learn is from commercial paper patterns. I am still struggling to read them properly but I feel this is the next best option as i have not found my perfect tailor yet. Learn the basics and then modify and customise it … wish me luck 😀

I also love using trimmings and embellishments and came across some interesting ones in the store .. pics below

Love Life, Love Style, PreetStyle


One comment on “A trip to the fabric store |21|

  1. Kaveldeep Singh
    May 9, 2018

    Nicely written! Impressive

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