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A personal touch to my year planner 2016/2017 |16|

I bought my current year planner from Officeworks (I absolutely love that place!) recently. I love the bright orange colour but I wanted to add a bit of my touch to it – almost like ‘baptising’ it hehehe. 

Yes I know its crazy to think of baptising a diary but I enjoy using it more knowing that no one else will have exactly the same diary as me. So on Thursday night of last week, straight from work, I got this sudden burst of energy thinking of the idea and I got out my paper supplies and started cutting shapes and strips. In 40 minutes or so I was done and felt a sense of accomplishment… the results are as follows (it was a plain orange coloured diary to start off with):

The front:

The back:

Yes it is just a diary, and yes it is just art and craft, but the zone and mood I was in was awesome. If we can find ways and means to get into the zone frequently doing whatever it is we have an affinity towards, I think we would feel more centred, accomplished and ultimately happy.

Have an awesome Sunday and …

Love Life, Love Style, PreetStyle


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