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Aachen Christmas Market and Maastricht – Dec 2015 |10|

I know it is a little late (2 weeks to be exact), but I just had to share the wonderful sights and colours from the Christmas Market in Aachen, Germany. We were there on 23 December 2015 and had a wonderful time.


I love the warm and fuzzy feeling of tealight candles and candle holders which there were plenty of in Aachen. We also enjoyed delicious food and warm drinks. Not sure when we will be back again, but Aachen shall forever hold a special place in my heart for more reasons than one 🙂


We also drove to Vaals in the Netherlands to a place called  The Dreilandenpunt (or 3-Nation border point). This place represents the point where the borders of Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany meet – all determined by taking one step to the left or right. Image below from Wikipedia:


We then drove to the lovely city of Maastricht (the Netherlands) in the evening as we wanted to drop off a friend visiting from Melbourne to the train station. This city is where the famous violinist and orchestra conductor Andre Rieu honed his craft. He is absolutely loved by many senior citizens in Melbourne I have been told by my mother who is also a big fan 🙂


This is one of the beauties of living in Europe. You can travel across so many neighbouring countries in a single day. On this occasion it was Germany and almost to Belgium. A few years ago my husband and I drove from the Netherlands, to France, Germany, passing by the Swiss Alps and into Italy – 12,000 kilometres in one day!!


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