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Rome December 2015 |9|

I was privileged to travel to Rome in early December 2015 for a few days and was completely taken aback with the beauty and architecture of the place. I also enjoyed imitating the Italians speaking English – such wonderful rhythm and intonation in their language. I promised myself that the next time I visit Italy it will be after I have learnt how to speak basic Italian.

The Vatican museum:


Egyptian Mummies and Roman Busts in the Vatican museum:


Beautiful artwork displayed in the Vatican museum:


St Peter’s Basilica (Vatican City):


Colosseum and Pantheon:PhotoGrid_1451919507517

Structural ruins and a photo with Einstein ;-):


The structures and designs inspired me to sketch an outfit. I have not learnt how to sketch professionally so please excuse any errors or faults. The concept of the outfit is a long and flowy one-piece dress to be made out of lightweight and easily drapable fabric such as georgette or crepe. The colours have not been determined. The hands are displayed only to show the shape of the end of the sleeves.


Until the next post, happy designing!


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