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Indo-Dutch Diwali celebration and Dance |6|

Diwali in Eindhoven (early November 2015) was once again a wonderful event in which many members of the community came together in fun, appreciation and laughter. There were dance performances by various groups of different ages, shapes and sizes. It was noted that this time, the representation of the different cultures was more extensive – there were performances derived from the cultures of almost all four corners of India.

Indo Dutch Diwali 2015 (2)

Indo Dutch Diwali 2015

Watch the performance here: It was based on poetry by Rabindranath Tagore

Mamo chitte niti nritye ke je nache
Tata thai thai, tata thai thai, tata thai thai,
Tari sange ki mridange sada baje
Tata thai thai, tata thai thai, tata thai thai
Hasi kanna hira panna dole bhale
Kape chande bhalo mando tale tale
Nache janmo nache mrityu pache pache
Tata thai thai, tata thai thai, tata thai thai
Ki anando, ki anando, ki anando
Diba ratri nache mukti nache bandho
Se taronge chuti range pache pache
Tata thai thai, tata thai thai, tata thai thai
I wonder, who is that dances in my mind
The eternal dance, rhythmically.
I wonder, how well my soul and body respond
To the meter of the ‘MRIDANGA’,
The eternal dance, rhythmically.
Swings smile and tears upon the temple jewel-like
Good and the evil pulsate with the rhythm
Keenly follow life and death, dancing along
The eternal dance, rhythmically.
O, what a delight, what a delight,
Confinement and liberation dance alongside day and night,
I follow the wave closely, enjoy running behind it
The eternal dance, rhythmically.
- Translated by Anjan Ganguly

I had a lot of fun and as always, I get inspired to improve my physique and dancing abilities to the point of at least semi-professional. This time round, I had some lower back soreness which somewhat hindered my full range of motion. A lesson for myself – to always keep supple, stretch and look after my physique.

It was also fun to research, ponder, discuss and come to a consensus on our costume. I simply love those dhoti leggings and will definitely wear it again many many more times!

I look forward to being part of the celebrations again next year if I am in Eindhoven 🙂

Have a pleasant evening.


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