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Reminder of life’s brevity |27|

We attended a funeral and prayers for a close family friend today. He was 93 years of age and a very well respected member of the Victorian Sikh community. After hearing from members of his family at the funeral service, I believe that he truly lived his life and cherished all events big and small.

I fondly remember him, treasure his blessings and wish to carry on his legacy in a very small way by learning to speak fluent punjabi (ironically I can read and write), and also to pursue the musical path.

It is times like these when I am strongly reminded of how short life can be. In the past 3 years I have attended two funerals – one of my Father-in-law and today was of Bapuji.

Life is very very short. Anything can happen at any time. Let us all start or continue treasuring every day, hour and moment of our lives by consciously choosing happiness, bliss and inner alignment in whatever form we wish for it to be in.

To PapaB and Bapuji, till we meet again ….

Love life, (Live life), Love Style, PreetStyle


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