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Colours galore |14|

Many years ago (10 to be exact), when I was working in customer service in a hardware store, I collected colour swatches from the paint department. I did get into trouble but I managed to collect every single colour available!

Ten years later and I still have the collection and this past weekend I finally did something about them. 

I created an inspiration colour board laying out the colours so they can be clearly seen. I intend to use this as a starting point for future projects – especially my canvas wall art creations as well as Indian style and fashion.
Its already end of August and we are well into the second half of the year. I want to challenge myself to be more consistent with my posts, and if I find that I am having fun along the way, then I know this is good for me šŸ™‚

Sorting out the swatches. I wanted to be able to remove and reinsert swatches for idea generation so I used (a lot of) blue tack for this project.

The final result. I will probably have to find a better place for it than on my window sill. I can already feel myself starting to create colour combinations in my mind …
Love Life, Love Style, Preet Style


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